The evolution of diesel steadily increases thanks to search of strategies for performance improvement, reduction in fuel consumption and emissions reduction.
This allows us (Specialised Diesel Vehicle Workshop)to be in constant updating. For this reason we choose best partners of aftermarket, of firts system enjine.

We have the most advanced diagnostic system available in the market:

  • Bosch Injection System Module: Kts Bosch, the best diagnostic information available for cars and small commercial vehicles
  • Bosch Commercial Vehicles: KTS Truck module, the complete mobile system for commercial vehicles diagnosis over 3,5T
  • Delphi: Diamand 2 (including accessory case) – LASER 2000
  • Denso: DST – PC

The reassesment of injection plant concerns the two main components of the plant: the injection pump and the injector.
In either case, the operation consists of the components replacement, damaged by usury due to excessive mileage, presence of water or dirt in the fuel
causing engine operating anomalies.

Once all the damaged components have been replaced, the team performs an acceptance test using specific equipment.

The steps followed during operations
Before we begin working out the reassesment of a new type of component, all team members are formed by technical courses taught by specialized centers.
The intervention procedures, the instrumentations and testing techniques are detailed approved by plant builders and manufacturers. The compliance with these methods
let us to guarantee the work done, within the meaning of the art.

DELPHI Diesel Centre Of Excellence

Delphi Diesel Centre Of Excellence have invested in specialized equipment, in diagnostic equipment capable, into rules, in knowledge and training courses
for being able to overcome maintenance and repair of all the diesel fuel injection Delphi systems, even the most avant-garde with the highest degree of quality.
From traditional pumps and rotating injector to the most advanced diesel fuel injection systems such as pumps and injectors for common rail injectors and electronic unit.

  • advanced diagnostic of diesel systems that allows a technician to find properly, quickly and efficiently the cause of problems to diesel engine.
  • special tools for removal and installation of pumps and injectors
  • compliance with stringent cleaning standards
  • testing and repairing of rotating injector system for Delphi diesel such us DPA, DPC, DPCN, EPIC, DP200, DP210 e DP310
  • testing and repairing of technologies OE most advanced, including pumps and common rail injectors and electronic unit injectors EUI
  • OE warranty on the above technologies
  • highly qualified technicians for diesel systems and trained on the latest technology with a commitment to meet the highest technical standards

Denso Diesel Service Network

The Diesel Technology DENSO provides an effective solution for any diesel engines and it offers efficiency, performance and low emissions.
This is shown by Common Rail DENSO system, that guarantee the highest injection pressures available on the world market: resulting low fuel consumption, low emissions and impressive performance without compromise in quality.

The diagnostic tester for DENSO systems is able to communicate with multiple electronic control units (ECU – Electronic Control Unit), both in a serial fashion that by means of the latest CAN-bus protocols.
The software comes with a library of interactive digital workshop manuals, and the range of applications covered continues to grow.

Introduced more than 25 years ago, this specialist network now boasts more than 500 shops. Each specialist is formed by the network of Diesel DENSO distributors and supported both by DENSO Japan that the European headquarters in Weesp, in the Netherlands.
The result is an assistant expert on pumps and diesel injectors for the range of diesel vehicles continues to grow across Europe.

We are perfectly able to take action and repair all diesel injection systems:


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